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The benefits of natural progesterone

What are the benefits of using a usp natural progesterone cream?

Remember: Progesterone is the “mother of all hormones”. It is the raw material from which your body makes all other hormones. It is not simply a sex hormone as it is commonly assumed. If your body is overloaded with environmental estrogens and cannot produce enough progesterone to counteract and balance them – dis-ease is the result.

Progesterone is not an “alternative remedy”, it’s an essential need. If your body cannot produce enough progesterone of its own you need to help it by giving it what it needs to protect your health.

It has been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that supplementing with usp natural progesterone cream raises progesterone levels and corrects these unchecked estrogens providing relief to a wide range of health issues.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you may experience once you begin to balance a progesterone deficiency and curb estrogen dominance.

  • Happiness :) Natural progesterone is a natural antidepressant.

  • You get to rediscover your lost libido. Natural progesterone restores the sex drive.

  • You get relief from PMS symptoms that you’ve always just had to “live with.” Natural progesterone is effective in treating PMS because when estrogen is not balanced by progesterone, it produces weight gain, headaches, bad temper, chronic fatigue, breast tenderness and a loss of interest in sex - all of which are part of the clinically recognized symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

  • You get relief from menstrual cramping. Many women have found relief within 20 minutes of rubbing natural progesterone cream onto their stomachs. 

  • You get relief from the normal symptoms of menopause which include hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, restlessness, vaginal dryness and mood swings. Menopause is not an estrogen deficiency disease. Estrogen levels fall by 40 - 60% during menopause, but progesterone levels often fall to zero or close to zero, which means the symptoms experienced by menopausal women are actually the symptoms of estrogen dominance! The most effective and safe treatment of menopause symptoms is to balance off the excess estrogens in the body with natural progesterone. 

  • You lose weight. Balancing the excess estrogen in your body with natural progesterone normalizes blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar level is too low – you crave food – usually high-sugar or sweet foods such as chocolate. Anyone not experienced chocolate cravings during PMS? If you indulge in these quick sugar fixes your body pours insulin into the blood to help remove the sugar from the bloodstream … it then stores it … as fat.
    Once insulin removes the sugar from the bloodstream into the fat cells water fills the space where the sugar was – causing bloating and cramping. Natural progesterone therefore helps to reduce symptoms of both bloating and cramping giving further relief and further … weight loss.

  • Because it normalizes blood sugar levels natural progesterone also alleviates cravings and binge-eating and therefore further helps to reduce weight.

  • More weight loss benefits – it is a natural diuretic helping to release excess water that is being stored in the body.

  • And, one more on the weight loss front - it helps your body to use fat for energy.


When unopposed estrogen is present in tissues that are sensitive to hormones such as the breasts, uterus and ovaries, these tissues can turn cancerous if the unopposed estrogen, is not balanced off with progesterone.

Natural Progesterone therefore:

  • Protects against breast cancer
  • Protects against ovarian cancer
  • Protects against endometrial cancer 

It also protects against:

  • fibrocystic breasts
  • uterine fibroids
  • endometriosis

Heart disease

Natural progesterone protects you against heart disease by:

  • decreasing the risk of the coronary arteries going into spasm by relaxing them
  • normalizing blood clotting, which also protects against strokes
  • brings down high blood pressure by acting as a natural diuretic
  • increasing the body’s ability to burn fats for energy
  • protecting the integrity and function of the cell membranes
  • promoting better sleep and reducing stress

By contrast and contrary to popular opinion estrogen does not prevent heart disease. It causes salt and water to be retained and potassium and magnesium to be lost, thereby increasing blood pressure. Estrogen promotes fat synthesis and blood clots. Estrogen also accelerates the aging of collagen, weakening the walls of the arteries.

When the known actions of progesterone are reviewed, it is clear that many of its actions are also beneficial to the heart.

Arthritis & osteoporosis

Progesterone, is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory. This is because it is the precursor to cortisone, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It therefore:

  • helps to reduce arthritic pain. Rubbing progesterone cream directly onto arthritis affected joints has helped many sufferers.

With osteoporosis reaching epidemic levels in the West, and the prediction that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 8 men are likely to get it, it is not surprising that this has become a growing concern.

Natural progesterone helps to reverse the ravages of osteoporosis by:

  • Protecting against bone loss and hence osteoporosis
  • Improving new bone formation
  • Stimulating bone building responsible for Osteoporosis Reversal

Findings to support the fact:

Women using usp natural progesterone cream experienced an average 7 to 8 per cent bone-mass density increase in the first year, 4 to 5 per cent in the second year, and 3 to 4 per cent in the third year! Untreated women in this age category typically lose 1.5 per cent bone-mass density per year! These results have not been found with any other form of hormone replacement therapy or dietary supplementation!

Pregnancy, infertility and miscarriages

Adequate levels of progesterone are vital to pregnancy. If you are estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient, supplementing with natural progesterone can help you fall pregnant and stay pregnant.

You could actually be fertile whilst appearing to suffer from infertility! Why? How?

One of the most common causes of apparent infertility is a lack of progesterone during the second half of the month - known as the defective luteal phase. For pregnancy to occur estrogen first builds the lining of the uterus. Then after ovulation, progesterone thickens the uterus lining ready for implantation of the fertilized egg. Often conception does take place but due to the lack of progesterone the lining of the uterus is not ready for the egg and miscarriage occurs as early as the next period. The egg just had nowhere to implant itself!

Adequate levels of progesterone are therefore:

  • essential for successful pregnancy
  • and also improves vitro fertilization

Once pregnant, if progesterone production is too low during the weeks following fertilization - a miscarriage can result. Therefore, women having difficulty conceiving or at risk of miscarriage, should consider using natural progesterone supplementation and discuss its use with their health care provider.
Another cause of infertility is the fact that some woman do not ovulate every month. This can be the result of too much estrogen, particularly the xeno-estrogens such as DDT (pesticides).

So before you go trying expensive fertilization treatments, see if the above applies to you and supplement with extra progesterone in the form of Natural Progesterone.


Depression is a huge topic and, as with the other ailments mentioned already, it is on the increase, with woman suffering more than men.

Supplementation with Natural Progesterone helps to alleviate depression.

It does so by it’s ability to:

  • stabilize low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia)
  • ease stress by providing the raw material for the anti-stress hormones by influencing the production of serotonin and dopamine

Depressed people have been found to have a higher incidence of low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).  Woman suffering from PMS and depression have also been found to have low levels of serotonin in their blood. Many depressions are triggered by the inability to cope with stressful situations such as a death or a life threatening disease.

Progesterone and depression are linked through progesterone's influence in the metabolism of serotonin and dopamine, both known to play a role in depression.

Post Natal Depression

This is caused by the sudden drop in progesterone once the placenta has come away.

Relief is provided by supplementing with Natural Progesterone for the first few days after child birth.

There are many factors involved in treating cases of depression - and hormonal imbalances should not be overlooked as one of them, since the balance of our hormones is vital to our mental health and stability. Very often supplementation with natural progesterone can help to turn depression around.


Natural progesterone therapy facilitates normal thyroid hormone action.

Dr. Lee has successfully treated people with a hypothyroid (under active thyroid) condition as well as people with hyperthyroidism (excessive production of the thyroid gland) and Hashimoto's thyroiditis with natural progesterone therapy.

Low thyroid activity causes low energy levels, cold intolerance and weight gain.
Excess thyroid activity induces higher energy levels, feeling too warm and weight loss.

Estrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormones are complementary. Estrogen tells the body to turn food into fat while thyroid and progesterone hormones tell the body to burn fat for energy. Thyroid hormone and estrogen balance each other's effects. If there is unopposed estrogen or estrogen dominance the thyroid may be unable to keep up.

A Doctor will often prescribe Thyroxin supplementation, but this accelerates bone loss which leads to osteoporosis, so a natural approach, as with natural progesterone, is a far better first line of defense.

What else?

Correcting a progesterone deficiency through the use of a usp natural progesterone cream such as Natpro has a number of other benefits such as:

  • Reduced stress
  • Normalization of zinc and copper levels
  • it gives you more energy because it restores proper oxygen levels in the cells
  • it stimulates scalp hair re-growth and reduces facial hair
  • it restores normal sleep patterns
  • is effective in preventing varicose veins which are caused because of excess estrogen which causes the collagen to age and the vein walls to weaken

What about men?

Progesterone is essential for male health as well, as it helps to protect against prostate problems and cancers.
For more info about men & progesterone cream click here.

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To your wonderfully empowering journey to exuberant health.

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