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Bonus ebooks

Thank you for purchasing natpro!

Here are the download instructions for your eBooks
"The Health Benefits of Natural Progesterone",
"20 Simple Juicing Recipes to get you started" and
"The Health Benefits of Juicing"
"Colon cleansing explained"
as well as your leaflet of Natpro instructions.


STEP 1: Download your eBooks and leaflet

To begin the download, simply click on the following links:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please pay careful attention to where you
save these files on your computer. We'd highly recommend
saving them directly onto your desktop!

Once the downloads are complete, simply double-click on the
eBook icon and your eBook will open automatically.

To download your instructions leaflet click on the following link:

STEP 2: Registering your eBooks

Before you can read your eBooks, you MUST register them.
Click anywhere in the eBook to begin registering.

Fill in the fields denoted by a "*" and hit "Ok".
The registration process will begin.
Once you have finished registering the dialog box will
disappear and you will be able to freely navigate the eBook.



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