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Men & Progesterone

What about progesterone in men?

Progesterone is produced in small amounts in men too. Progesterone is as vital for men's health as it is for women's.

When it comes to men & progesterone, progesterone protects men against excessive estrogen. Like women, men are also at risk of becoming estrogen dominant, and the symptoms, although different from women’s, can also be dire.

Some of the symptoms of excess estrogen in men are:

  • enlargement of the prostate
  • smaller urethras
  • inflammation of the prostate
  • increased frequency of urination
  • heart conditions
  • cellular changes leading to cancer
  • depression and fatigue
  • diminished libido
  • erectile dysfunction

The rise in estrogen also causes:

  • increase in abdominal fat
  • fatty tissues to be deposited in men’s breasts
  • a reduction in facial hair

Approximately 5 to 15mg of progesterone is made on a continuous daily basis in the testes.

Estrogen dominance in men can be caused by:

Environmental toxins – mainly xeno-estrogens

These are substances that mimic estrogen in the body and are vastly stronger than the normal estrogen produced naturally by the body. When they lock into the estrogen receptors in the body, they cause estrogen levels to rise exponentially.

Chemical pesticides, DDT, dioxin and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) are amongst the culprits. Dioxin is the by-product of the manufacture of chemicals using chlorine and includes disinfectants, dry cleaning fluids, pesticides, drugs and plastics – polystyrene and clingwrap in particular. PCB’s are used in lubricants, plastics, paints, varnishes and inks.

Food and water

Non-organic animals that are slaughtered for our food chain are fed estrogenic steroids to fatten them up. These estrogens go straight into the blood stream causing a further rise in estrogen levels.
Fried and trans fatty foods also perpetuate the production of estrogen.
Think of it this way – while the girls are munching on their salad greens, the guys munching on their burgers and fries are actually invisibly becoming more and more feminine!

Consider this: In many countries the water supply is recycled and mixed with fresh water. Since synthetic hormones are not filtered out of the water the levels of estrogens in our drinking water are rising all the time – every time a woman on the Pill or HRT goes to the toilet in fact!

As estrogen levels rise, progesterone and testosterone levels fall. Here’s why:

The relation between progesterone and testosterone

Progesterone is known as the “mother of all hormones” and gets converted in the male body into testosterone and other hormones. As men age, their progesterone levels drop and therefore so too do the testosterone levels. Compounded by the fact that estrogen levels are on the rise this slight imbalance becomes a major imbalance … fast.

Because progesterone is a precursor hormone for testosterone, it is increasingly becoming the hormone used to treat prostrate problems and other male hormone imbalance symptoms.

Progesterone and the Prostate

The alarming increase in prostate problems is now believed by some researchers to be due to the excessive quantities of environmental estrogens, particularly xeno-estrogens which cause men’s progesterone levels to drop especially as they age. High levels of di-hydrotestosterone have also been linked to prostate enlargement and cancer.

  • Natural progesterone therapy helps to protect against prostate problems and cancers. It is safe, with no toxic side effects and is being used increasingly often as an alternative to surgery.

Info about progesterone cream for men

Prevention and control of prostate disease and cancers have been assisted in many cases by the use of usp natural progesterone cream. There is substantial anecdotal evidence indicating that as little as 20mg/day is sufficient to reduce an enlarged prostate to normal. Some cases of prostate cancer have also responded to progesterone. As it is safe, with no toxic side effects, more and more men are putting stigma aside and embracing this natural alternative. After all – who wants to go under the surgeons knife if they don’t have to.

Guidelines for men & progesterone cream usage:

Use from one eighth of a teaspoon (0.6 ml) to almost half a teaspoon (2 ml) daily.
The guidelines given are based on the use of Natpro Natural Progesterone Cream, a 3.3% formula using 89% organic ingredients.

The following hand-in-hand nutritional guides have proven beneficial in assisting the against prostate problems :

  • Omega 3 (an essential fatty acid) - take between 15 to 75ml/day of flax oil
  • zinc
  • the herb saw palmetto
  • all the anti-oxidants - especially vitamins E, C, A and selenium


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To your wonderfully empowering journey to exuberant health.

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